Thursday, April 22, 2010

Voxox 2

Do you know Voxox? VoxOx is the first ever Universal Communicator Service that manages all forms of cross-media communication for consumers. It is the only service that unifies today‘s key communication channels — voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), text, social media, e-mail, and File Sharing — into a single, intuitive interface that gives users control of their contacts, conversations and most importantly, their interconnected lifestyles, both now and in the future. It combines the benefits of Internet-telephony solutions, interoperable IMs, Web services and social networking aggregators, and much more at no cost to the user.

VoxOx is a consumer service created by TelCentris ® Inc.

Features :

1. Personal Assistant

The first and only totally customizable phone experience. The VoxOx Personal Assistant allows you to personalize the calling experience for EACH contact. Your very own Personal Assistant will give your callers the option to reach you directly, leave you a voicemail, or send a fax. With options like Call Screening, Eavesdrop, or Dead end, the VoxOx Personal Assistant gives you total call control.

2. Conference Calling
Conference Calling made easy. VoxOx lets you connect 3 people on the line at once. Simply click on the contacts you want on the call and that’s it! You can even connect up to 20 friends on a Conference Call with VoxOx.

Unlimited Calling
Talk until there’s nothing left to say. We make it easy by giving you options, so don’t worry about how many minutes you have left this month, choose from one of our unlimited plans and talk as much as you want. Not sure if you’ll need that many minutes? No problem, because you’re automatically set up to pay as you go with VoxOx credit, we even give you some free credit to get started when you sign up.

Ring Back
Rihanna, Ringo or just a ring tone. Control what your friends hear when they call you with VoxOx RingBack. Customize it by contact or by group.

Text from a Real Phone Number
Don't be a mystery texter! When you text from VoxOx, your phone number shows up instead of some randomly chosen number that no one recognizes, so texting from VoxOx is true two-way texting. Your friends may even text you back since now they'll know who you are.

One Login, One Buddy List, One Window
With only one login, VoxOx gives you access to all your instant messaging accounts from one window. Facebook, MySpace and Skype IM are included now, so you can chat with any of your friends on your favorite network or instant messenger from VoxOx and never miss a message.

*Facebook, MySpace and Skype IM support has been added

7. Chat

Close those browser tabs! Use VoxOx to chat with your friends on Facebook and Myspace and keep your social networking under one roof. No more constant logging in and out.

8. Global Status Update

Use VoxOx to update your status for each network (or globally for all of them) with the click of a button. Don't want your coworkers to know you're at the beach? Post different status updates for each network if you want (but remember to put on sun screen).

9. File Sharing via Text Message

There are lots of ways to share files with email, social network private message or IM. And now with VoxOx 2 add texts to your File Sharing tools. Have your friend download on the go by sending them a download link via text!

10. 100% Electronic Faxing

Freedom from paper jams, monthly fees and error messages. Unchain yourself with one-click faxing. Receive faxes for free and send for about a penny per minute.*
Liberating, isn't it?

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