Friday, December 5, 2008

lirik dan free download lagu styles of beyond - nine thou (superstars remix)

I'm like hook! (Hook!)

Aiyyo, first things first
It's time to shake ground in the eighth round
Box battle and break down
For the beak in the rhyme tone
jump in the cyclone
S-T-Y-L-E-S, yes I know
Give the rap phene vaccine
packed red beam
Put 'em up, unh.
You plucked a bad seed
Off the wall, spittin' the guerilla tag team
What's up now, duck down stuff that can't breathe

Yo- you know the routine, the demon effect
Please, don't step, you wanna be one of my pet peeves (Huh?)
The more beef the better; sound strange
But you all wanna creep together, ok
In the club with a cheesy sweater
Why not? We got so much street credit, the rookie police let us
Now that's foolish, cause we would act sweet
cause i can run 10 laps in a track meet

Keep it movin' it's on now
Making it punk loud
Shaking the buck wild
Rapin' the punk style
Fakin' the funk pal
Dunk watch the punk
What now? Watch your battleship get sunk down

Click (click) pow (pow) nine (nine) Thou (thou)
What? Just what I thought, what's up now?
Click(click) pow (pow) nine (nine) thou (thou)
What? Just what I thought what's up now?
I'm like hook! (Hook!)

Hold it down, never give in
Styles ever get limbs
Or whether you want it to end
Dirty 'em, I burn 'em again
0 5 serving them sins
Uh 30 your friends get knocked out, turbulent wind
Hopped out, what you want, take a look at my grin
I'm a fish; you can tell by the flippers or fins

Yo- I got a rock style
Pivot the offspring and joke with 'em
With a distorted guitar string
Who am i? Rushin' what leg? who and Tak?
Pushin' your bed hotter than Quebec in July
Area 51, stereo, rive gun live
Here we go, S-O-B drop some
For the kids in the hall with the new block tape
Blast from both angles a boondock saint
So get up get up and let the sound hit ya
Snap it's already ya style picture unh

Who the hell wear splittin' the belly up on a selfish
Shinnin' in your style playin' the fell blitz
Drillin' your brain, like rap and video games
Feel the syringe for the styles that stickin' in your brain

Yo- what kind of stuff is he on
Really is styles, really beyond
C'mon punk shove off; You really gotta be gone;
Ripped out of your brain;
Tripped over your lip to diss this S-O-B game
Whats with this?
Showin me kibbles & bits
There ain't a street dog in the globe I can't fix, get it?
I'm sick with it, when I spit the venom
And it drip's up in 'em
And it get's the women in a
Quick dilemma; We could settle it now
And I don't know who did it but they said it was styles

Click, pow, nine, thou
Just what i thought
What's up now?

Gimana? Tau kan lagu ini?
kalau mau download klik kata di bawah ini

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